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Re: help!! my partition table is lost after a next reboot ...

On Thu, Apr 03, 2003 at 07:40:54AM +0200, Jeetu Golani wrote:
> Hello,
> Yup did that for a pal once i.e. recover the partition. So long as u
> don't 
> play around too much, i.e. repartitioning or reinstalling, your data
> should 
> be valid.
> Do you remember the approx sizes of all your partitions? Are the other 
> partitions intact? Do you remember the partition scheme for all your 
> partitions? their sizes? total size of your hard disk?
> Gpart only works on primary partitions at the moment. Do you remember if
> your 
> partition was a primary one or logical? Even if it was logical we can
> still 
> recover it by hand using fdisk.
> All said and done bottomline is that there will be some trial and error
> and 
> work involved......if u have backup of data on the partition then it'll 
> probably be better recovering from there.....otherwise is the data worth
> recovering?? 
> If you do wanna go ahead recovering then I'd recommend you make a copy
> of your 
> MBR as it stands right now (so you can backtrack) and then try using
> gpart. 
> If you need help then feel free to holler :)

I have an idea to recover the partition table. If you create a bigger
partition than the original file system. Then mount it and use df to get 
the size of the file system, which is usually the same size as the 
partition. Then use this number to recreate the partition. Repeat this 
process one by one, from the first.

I never tried this method since I don't want to desirably delete my
partition table. 

Good luck,


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