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Re: login as root to GUI

On Thu, Apr 03, 2003 at 02:19:02AM +0200, Yaron wrote:
> Since I rebooted my machine in the 1st time I can't login as root through the gui login screen.
> I get error msg "system administrator can't login from this screen"
i use xdm as my "gui login screen" and havent seen this message before.
which display manager are you using? have you read its config

> If I login as 'normal' user it's ok, and than I can use su and switch
> to root, but no matter what I tried, I can't login to the machine as
> root. (tried to delete all other users and leave only root account -
> couldn't login AT ALL had to re-install...not funny at all)
im sure re-install was not necessary -even if you cant login as root you
can pass init=/bin/sh  as a kernel parameter then you get a shell
without having to login.

> Each time after I reboot it opens the GUI login screen, so it's not like I can login without X and than use startX...
where n is a vt [virtual terminal] number usually <7

that should allow you to login without X.

> H E L P !
yep,  you need it ;)
mind you, dont we all.


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