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Re: mounting USB Camera Pentax Optio 330 -- solved

Lukas Ruf wrote:

> A personal hint: Do not buy a camera not explicitely supported by
> Linux (as I did) -- you can avoid a lot of frustration!

My preference is to use a media reader (compact flash, smart media, or
whatever is needed) that works with Linux. That way, I can choose a
camera based solely on photographic and price considerations, and I
don't have to turn the camera on to download pictures and clear the

We have two digital cameras: a Canon G2 and an Olympus Brio D-100. Both
allegedly work with Linux either via gphoto2 or USB mass storage. But at
the time I bought the Canon, the version of gphoto2 in Debian unstable
failed to recognize the camera; and although the Olympus is in theory a
USB Mass Storage device, its USB implementation is so buggy that neither
Linux nor Windows XP has ever been able to read it reliably. My SanDisk
CF/SM combo card reader, on the other hand, performs well with both
Linux and Windows.


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