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Re: how to install Gnome?? xfree 4.??

i ended up installing everything starting with gnome,
only ending with -dev can be omitted.


Out of my 20 days linux experience i have 10 days
gnome installing experience. next time my system
crashes and if i don't have a recovery cd i will try
to find if there is any easy way(automated) to install
gnome(am too lazy to check what dselect does, if it
has any options to find and install dependent packages
itself). i didn't bother to see if there are any
scripts available on either debian or gnome websites
for installation, just for the fun of installing it

using this directory list 
i installed almost everything in it and their
dependencies. version 1.4.2 works just fine for me.

If you get
without any dependency errors it works. 


--- Xucaen <xucaen@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hi, the version of Xfree that I installed is the
> stock version that comes with the debian 3.0 r1
> CDs. I assume it is 4.1.?? and I just want to
> install the stock version of gnome that comes
> with the debian 3.0 r1 CDs. I'm not even sure
> what version it is, I am assuming it is version
> 2.??
> What packages for Gnome did you install to get
> Gnome up and running? Is gnome-core the only one?
> or are there other dependencies? 
> Thanks!!!
> Jim
> >Hi,
> >A word of caution( i might be wrong but that's
> my
> >experience), i am very new to linux/gnome i
> tried
> >installing 2.2 on woody 3.0r1/xfree86 4.3.0, it
> >got
> >into eternal unresolvable conflicts with the
> >versions
> >i.e some package is expecting > and other
> >expecting <
> >of the same package. i think something with
> >gnome-core, when i installed 1.4.2 everything
> >went
> >well and is works fine.
> >thanks
> >Srini
> >
> --- Xucaen <xucaen@yahoo.com> wrote:
> >> I am very confused. 
> >> I had thought that installing Gnome on top of
> >> woody 3.0 r1 would be as easy as "apt-get
> >install
> >> gnome" but apparently not. I have read some
> >> things that made my head spin. so here I am. 
> >> 
> >> I did a dist-upgrade using my new woody 3.0 r1
> >> CD's (upgraded from a potato 2.2 r3)
> everything
> >> seemed to install fine.. Now all I need to
> know
> >> is:
> >> 
> >> a) what packages I need to install to get
> gnome
> >> installed and running and 
> >> 
> >> b) how do I know if the version of xfree that
> >got
> >> installed is the right one for gnome?
> >> 
> >> Jim
> >>
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