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xf86cfg crashes

Hello, I ran xf86cfg, but as soon as I selected
the mouse (using the number pad to navigate) it
crashed. I did this about 10 times before I gave
up. Then I used XF86Config and I set the
resolution to 1024x786, but when xfree came up it
still had the old resolution of 800x600. at this
point I turned off my machine.

How can I get xf86cfg to not chrash when I try to
configure the mouse? (it is a simple ps2, 3
button mouse from Belkin; it works with Xfree,
just not with xf86cfg)

>All i did to configure X is 
># xf86cfg
>after it loaded i just quit and let it save the
>files and everything was automatically
>correctly video card/keyboard/mouse. it that
>work then use xf86config
>--- Xucaen <xucaen@yahoo.com> wrote:
>> Hi all, I used to use XFree86Setup to make
>> changes to my system. I loved it! all in one
>> I could change my vid card, monitor,
>> mouse and keyboard. I upgraded to woody 3.0 r1
>> and now it's gone! How do I get it back or is
>> there a new utility that does the same?
>> Jim

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