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Network trouble shooting - HP Netserver LH Pro 6/200


I've just acquired one (of two) LH Pro 6/200's - it had been running NT4 and I'm trying to install woody via the net. I've managed to configure the 3Com 905 TX NIC (one of two - I removed the other) but whilst my DHCP server (on my router) sees the machine and assigns it an IP address, the machine can't access the network.

pinging 127.0.01 is fine and broadcast ping shows that the assigned IP address is correct but no packets are coming back from the network. I assume that there is some sort of inbound packet filter stopping the inbound packets and I've edited every file in /proc/sys/net/ipv4/conf/eth0 to read "1" instead of "0". However there is one file that I haven't the permissons to change "mc_forwarding" - is this the problem? Or is there a hardware setting that needs changing?

Any ideas would be appreciated



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