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Re: new kernel problems with pcmcia and initrd

I have already read this document.  Sorry for the confusion.  I am trying to
mount my partition completely read only so that I can one day burn it to a
cd.  I was under the impression I had to use initrd to have the root
filesystem boot onto a ram drive.  If there is a another way to make a
system completly readonly and have root mount on a read-only please let me

On Tue, 1 Apr 2003 11:05:11 -0800
"Kris P.- Mother Lode Internet Tech Support" <krisp@mlode.com> wrote:

> I just recompiled my kernel and the PCMCIA does not appear to be
> loading. It is important that I use initrd for the root file system
> and that PCMCIA be built into the kernel instead of module since it is
> a laptop and the nic is not onboard.  Where have I missed my PCMCIA
> step and how do I set it up as built into the kernel and not a module?

It isn't necessary to use initrd at all, even if you have PCMCIA.
Neither is it necessary to compile PCMCIA support into the kernel.

initrd is for the kernel to get modules before the root filesystem is
mounted. PCMCIA support is normally started after the root filesystem is
mounted, so it doesn't need to be in initrd, even if you use one.

Have a look here for The Debian Way of compiling your kernel (see the
advanced topics section for the scoop on making and using the latest
pcmcia-cs modules):



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