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Re: [~OT] tax program for linux

On Sun, 2003-03-30 at 22:25, Nori Heikkinen wrote:
> My dad, who has graciously done my taxes for me every year up until
> now, has finally shuffled them off to me.  When i ask him how to do
> them, he keeps telling me to get TurboTax for windoze.  I keep
> reminding him I run linux, but he keeps forgetting.  Is there an
> equivalent linux program that anyone here knows about / uses?  or do i
> have to suck it up and do them by hand?

i'd try gnucash/kapital/moneydance first, but if they won't do what you
want, turbotax does run under wine/crossover wine. (codeweavers.com)

i've heard really bad rumblings from some mailing lists that intuit (the
turbotax/quicken people) building in a lot of nasty features into the
newer versions of turbotax/quicken. most people i know are trying
desperatley to move away from turbotax/quicken because of these changes.
Fred Smith <fps@dividedsky.net>
Divided Sky Internet

I believe you are referring to the fact that this year's versions of TurboTax writes information to the bootsector of your harddrive (yuk) as part of product activation/DRM.

Here are some links to the articles and discussions on slashdot.

It's pretty scary stuff. A class action lawsuit has already been filed in California.


-Roberto Sanchez

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