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Re: System Slows Down

Paul Johnson wrote:

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On Thu, Mar 27, 2003 at 11:52:52AM -0700, Didier Caamano wrote:
And how could I do this?, or better, where is the this cron-tab?

This is where locate comes in handy, BTW.  Typing "locate crontab"
gives you all the filenames on the system named crontab.

It's at /etc/crontab.  I strongly discourage you from removing the
default entries.  If you do, just comment them out by adding a #
before the line rather than deleting it, since eventually you'll
probably decide that these tasks should run.

1. AFAIK, system-wide, package-installed cronjobs are in configutred in Sys-V style in the /etc/cron.* directories and not in a standard user crontab file.
2. The right way to configure crontab it to use the contab (1) command.


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