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Re: philosophy mailing list

> On Wed, Mar 26, 2003 at 12:02:53PM -0500, Natali Gulbahce wrote:

> > Is this a philosophy mail list or Debian user list?

ُTrying to seperate *nix from philosophy has never worked in the past (And I 
hope things like Lindows won't change it in the future).

This is not a CISCO or a windows mailing list. People here, have philosophical 
and political ideas, which are usually related to the software they use. When 
you are in a *nix mailing list, and things become philosophical, you shall 
either i) ignore that tread or (usually what I do) ii) enjoy the tread !


/* Those who do not understand Unix 
 *are condemned to reinvent it, poorly */
                                         -UNDEAD Evil GNU/Linux
Aryan Ameri

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