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Re: philosophy mailing list

On Wed, Mar 26, 2003 at 12:02:53PM -0500, Natali Gulbahce wrote:
> Hey all,
> Is this a philosophy mail list or Debian user list?

It's a Debian user list with philosophically inclined subscribers.

> I am getting tired of getting commentary emails long and philosophical.
> Am I missing sth?

The chance of this thread developing into just such a ramble? :-)

> Is this the way mail lists work?

Seems to be. I guess it's down to people being a social species. We
talk all the time about Debian stuff, we want to socialise with the
people we're talking to. Where can we socialise with people on the
list? On the list. So we get the occasional space shuttle and Linux
Sucks. Generally, such threads die a natural death fairly soon, or
else they get "voted off" by the changes in the ratio of people
continuing the discussion to people saying "please shut up". It's not
ideal, but most people accept the compromise, and it's more human than
banning the mention of anything off-topic entirely.


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