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Re: Multiple network interfaces


Are you wanting to add another IP to your existing network card? or are you trying to install another network card to use another IP? if your wanting to add another IP to an existing network card the eth1 should be eth0:1 otherwise you'll need to load the module for the new card using modconf that is based on the fact that you would have needed to include support for the new card when you compiled the kernel.

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Juan dominguez wrote:

Hello everybody

I have installed debian 3.0 in my PC. After that I
recompiled the kernel (version 2.4.4). The network
interface module  is part of the kernel.  I have a
network interface working successfull, but I want to
install another one. I edited the /etc/network/interface file and add the eth1
configuration but it doesn't work, I have done
everything it says in the multiple ethernet howto, but
it doesn't work either. Any suggestions I appreciated your help, thank a lot

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