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Re: Multiple network interfaces

On Tue, 2003-03-25 at 09:58, Juan dominguez wrote:
> Hello everybody
> I have installed debian 3.0 in my PC. After that I
> recompiled the kernel (version 2.4.4). The network
> interface module  is part of the kernel.  I have a
> network interface working successfull, but I want to
> install another one. I edited the 
> /etc/network/interface file and add the eth1
> configuration but it doesn't work, I have done
> everything it says in the multiple ethernet howto, but
> it doesn't work either. 

Just a tip (really, a tip, not a flame) this message does not give
anyone anything to do to help you other than ask for more information,
wait for your reply, then hopefully have enough info to troubleshoot.

As a rule of thumb "It doesn't work" should probably not ever be in your
message unless it is immediately followed up with details.

If there's a file you edited, include a snippet of the relevant portion.
If there is something you are doing to test whether it is "working"
include that and the response, otherwise people are just going to ignore
the question or tell you to do things you have already done.

Again, I say this out of kindness, not to be mean or put anyone down.
Good luck with your efforts.


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