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Fluxbox with and without Debian menus

I installed Debian on my laptop a month ago, and I immediately put fluxbox on it as 300MHz wouldn't be fast enough to run much else. B-)

In any case, I installed fluxbox, some debian menu stuff, and voila, I have a working fluxbox with a menu that has a lot of my installed apps listed.

So I go to my desktop, which is running KDE 2, and install fluxbox on it. Interestingly enough, not only does it say "Blackbox" at the top of the menu when I right click, but the Debian menu isn't there. I get three options only, one of which is xterm, the other is restart. I can't remember the third as I am using KDE right now.

I noticed that fluxbox didn't setup any menu or keys files whether in .fluxbox or /etc/X11/fluxbox. My laptop on the other hand does have these.

Now I know I installed the Debian menu packages (and KDE 2 is using the Debian menu mixed into the KDE menu), and there isn't anything installed on my laptop that is not on my desktop.

The only real difference is that the apt sources are different. One uses the default sources (http.us.debian.org) while my laptop uses the sources of a university nearby.

Both are running stable.

Why would fluxbox be installed so inconsistently? Is it because KDE was already on my system? Why would fluxbox call itself blackbox anyway? I tried to look up info on this, but I think the problem is more about how it got installed than how fluxbox menus work.

I just don't understand why the laptop had everything setup for it immediately upon installation whereas my desktop seems to require manual configuration.

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