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Re: Changing X resulution (Ctrl-Alt-+/-), only using a command-line tool ???

Don't most laptops have an area of the keyboard that doubles as num keypad 
when you shift with the Fn key? Don't know if that works with Linux though.


On Tuesday 11 March 2003 14:37, Mark Janssen wrote:
> Hi List.
> I know I can change the X11 resolution using the Ctrl-Alt-(Numerical+/-)
> buttons. However, on my Happy Hacking keyboard, and my laptop I don't
> have a numerical keypad, and the regular + and - buttons don't work in
> this regard.
> Does anyone know a tool or program to change the resulution from within
> an X session. Wine has a tendency to change resolutions sometimes
> without changing them back on termination... and working in a 640x480
> screen with a huge virtual desktop isn't really handy :)

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