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Re: Logging

>> and if possible, revert as much hardware to it's previous
>> state to eliminate chances that it would be the cause of
>> failure. Also if you can revert kernels that would be
>> good too. Other then X, the kernel is the only thing I can
>> think of that could possibly be involved in a system
>> lockup.
>> If you can reproduce the lockup w/o X, then that is even
>> better. I hate troubleshooting this kinda stuff, takes
>> forever!
> I don't want to revert hardware just yet, I hope to figure
> out
> what actually is the problem first. The one thing I have
> been
> able to determine is that the lockups only seem to happen
> when
> X is being displayed. I can be logged in, being done with
> my
> work, CNTL-ALT-F1 to vt1 and walk away, and it runs for
> days
> (I still boot into windows for games quite often). But I've
> sat in front of it working for 10-12 hours and have no
> problems. Mostly it locks up when I go away, once I'd been
> working for 2 hours, and answered the door, and it was dead
> when I got back. When it locks up there is no warning, it
> just
> freezes. I've disabled screen savers, but that didn't help.
> But then several times it has lockedup while I was actively
> working on it. I usually have a couple of setiathomes
> running,
> but running them or not doesn't seem to influence when it
> happens.
> Right now I am testing a boot option I found on the web,
> setting it to noapic, as I could occasionally see APIC
> errors
> in the logs, but they didn't really coorelate, I might get
> some 4 hours before a crash or 48 hours.
> What writes to the /var/log/debug? Is there anyway to set
> logging to a higher level on it?

No APIC errors but I've had my first crash since setting
noapic. I left the machine logged in, it happened about six
hours after I went to bed. Oh well.... And not a clue as to
what happened in the logs. I start throwing hardware at
problems like this at work, but then again I use windows at
work (and I don't have parts department at home).

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