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Re: wtf? (long and frustrated)

#include <hallo.h>
David Krider wrote on Mon Mar 10, 2003 um 03:55:21PM:

> dpkg-reconfigure just would *not* give me a workable X config. I got it 
> going with xf86config and some hand tweaks, but man! Come on. Other 
> distros have had this part figured out for *years.* There's no excuse for 

Bullshit. That is the same story when you try to make Win-2k on a recent
system from a crapy vendor like Dell. You cannot expect an outdated Distro to
keep up with every fun that hardware manufacturer introduce.

> `gpmconfig'. But, again, it couldn't give me a workable configuration. 
> Apparently, the imps2 driver in gpm is currently broken? I dunno. (And 
> don't bother, I have already aborted installing Gentoo on this box, tried 
> Mandrake 9, and am currently installing Red Hat's beta.)

So? And now you critisize Debian for buying crap for you?

> The last straw was fontconfig, which is a confirmed kill. It's currently 
> broken for selecting monospace fonts. I don't know about anyone else, but 
> fonts are the most important thing to me. I'm a long-time Red Hat user, 
> and I skipped the 8.0 release because of frustrations with their fonts. (I 
> am saddened by their direction on updates and support lifetimes. This is 
> why I was trying Debian.)

There are lots of small glitches that appear when you do initial
configuration, on every distro. But since the hardware vendors are not
controllable and dumb software authors are not able to work out better
concepts before they write code, Linux users have to think more when they
configure. If you are not happy with it, come back to Windows.

> The bottom line is that Debian is current enough to suit my desktop needs, 
> and it seems to be more painful than it should be for my server needs. I'm 

A server does not need X.


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