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Re: MySQL over NFS

Angel L. Mateo said:
> Hi,
> 	I've got to install a MySQL server with a hihg availabity
> configuration: one MySQL server running and the other in standby. I was
> thinking about using a NAS serving NFS partitions. But I have read
> documents about database servers (like oracle and others) not running well
> over NFS filesystems (because they use raw files).

I would for sure strongly reccomend against MySQL over NFS. NFS locking
on linux is pretty bad still, and NFS in general isn't the most reliable
thing. Nor is it secure. And it will probably destroy your performance.

a quick search on mysql replication came up with this:

I haven't needed mysql replication in my configurations, my mysql
servers have never gone down(e.g. unless I was physically moving them
or switching hardware), so I haven't tested it in such a fashion. In
any case I reccomend stunnel or some sort of vpn between the machines,
or a 2nd nic in each one connected to an isolated switch for the
communications between them(even a VLAN on an existing switch is
probably good enough though not perfect).


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