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Re: Setting Default Framebuffer Mode

> I think it depends on your specific framebuffer driver.

It does. I use the rivafb driver on this computer, and it doesn't
support kernel arguments at stat-up, so 'vga=whatever' doesn't work with
this driver. Instead, you need to edit the fbdev.c file in
linux/drivers/video/riva, and change the default settings within "struct
fb_var_screeninfo rivafb_default_var", to match the settings that you
want from /etc/fb.modes. Since I was satisfied with 640x480 but wanted a
better refresh rate (from 60 to 100Hz), I had to change pixclock to
22272, left_margin to 48, right_margin to 32, upper_margin to 17,
lower_margin to 22, hsync_len to 128, vsync_len to 12. Hopefully this is
useful to someone else. Thanks for cluing me on referring to
'documentation' (what's that?!).

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