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debian-friendly mason-cm package?

i'm looking to install HTML::Mason's "content management"
features via *.deb, hopefully--

i've got

	apt-get install libhtml-mason-perl

and i've since discovered that HTML::Mason also offers a content
management toolbox of sorts, so i'd like to try it out -- but

	# apt-cache search mason
	libhtml-mason-perl - HTML::Mason Perl module
	mason - Interactively creates a Linux packet filtering firewall.
	mmm-mode - Multiple Major Mode for Emacs

doesn't come up with anything, just as


shows only the packet-filtering firewall.

is there a debian-packaged rendition out there somewhere or is
the download-and-untar-gz dance the only option?

I use Debian/GNU Linux version 3.0;
Linux server 2.4.20-k6 #1 Mon Jan 13 23:49:14 EST 2003 i586 unknown
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