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Re: Firewalling under Debian

On Tue, 4 Mar 2003 02:04, Russell Shaw wrote:
> bob parker wrote:
> > My son's proposed network is to be this:
> >
> > Firewall / NAT / Gateway machine connected to cable using 1 nic.
> > Connects to hardware router / switch using 2nd nic.
> > He has the switch and will be buying a PIII 400 2nd hand for the fw.
> > We both know it's overkill but spares for PIIIs are cheaper than earlier
> > models apparently.
> Just connect the two new PCs into two NICs on the gateway pc. Verify the
> local connections work and that the cable connection works on the gateway
> pc, then install ipmasq.


I know it sounds silly using a switch to save 2 nics (network printer also)
but the switch was given to him for no charge. It's earlier duty was as 
router for a 4 box lan running windows and collecting trojans (not 
deliberately -:) ).

Certainly I'll be following your advice about ipmasq to strengthen the fw.

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