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Re: Switch from Gnome to KDE...

On Monday 03 March 2003 04:26 pm, Hall Stevenson wrote:
> I guess I didn't read close enough... I went and read up at the
> davidpashley site and in it, he has an apt entry for getting KDE
> packages. I used that and am running KDE right now.
> Any advantage to using the DEBs from KDE.org instead ??
> Hall

In my experience, they are the most stable and trouble-free, and they are 
completely up-to-date. I'm running KDE 3.1 right now from kde.org, it's very 
nice. I don't use the KDE desktop itself, as I like IceWM, but I use a lot of 
KDE apps. 3.1 is a pretty big leap from 3.0, I'm very pleased with it.

The main thing is to use only one source, mixing them up will cause big 
troubles! I mixed sources, and ended up manually removing all KDE pieces, and 
starting over. That was, er, less than fun. ;-)

Carla Schroder
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