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Re: Switch from Gnome to KDE...

* Carla Schroder (debian@bratgrrl.com) [030302 20:23]:
> Start here, KDE3 and Debian : Frequently Asked Questions
> http://davidpashley.com/debian-kde/faq.html
> There are at least three different sources for KDE debs. Use only the ones 
> from kde.org.  KDE3 won't make it into stable for a while yet, though it will 
> eventually. Stick with what the FAQ says and you'll be fine.

I guess I didn't read close enough... I went and read up at the
davidpashley site and in it, he has an apt entry for getting KDE
packages. I used that and am running KDE right now.

Any advantage to using the DEBs from KDE.org instead ??


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