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Re: Howto auto unpack/read "README.Debian.gz" ?

On Sun, Mar 02, 2003 at 06:41:59AM +0000, Joao Pedro Clemente wrote:
> AS I've seen some of these files after installing some packages, as since
> they are not unpacked by apt-get, I am wondering if there isn't a "smart"
> way of reading this instead of unpacking first...
> I wonder if, for instance, "less" could automatically unpack it for
> showing it (Is that what that "mime-handler" stuff that appears apter
> apt-getting less is for?)
> Or it's supose to have such files in our disk untill we eventually need
> them, and then unpack them forever?
The stuff under /usr/share/doc is frequently left gzipped to save disk
space. My usual approach is to use lynx to browse those directories as
it automatically handles .gz files and provides a convenient means of
navigation. As a bonus, if the package has html documentation you are
ready to browse it without starting another program.


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