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Re: Newbie bull brings own china shop.

On Sun, Mar 02, 2003 at 05:29:56PM +0700, Brian Durant wrote:
>   Knoppix got finished earlier than expected. I first tried it on 
> another machine on my WAN/LAN to see if the CD would work with another 
> configuration. This went off without a hitch, though it is necessary to 
> prompt Knoppix to search for a dhcp assignment of an IP address by using 
> "netcartconfig". I gave the command "knoppix noapic" at the boot prompt 
> on my daughter's computer, and then used the "netcartconfig" tool to get 
> an IP address assigned by DHCP. Unfortunately, this didn't work.

that's odd... for everything in my lan, i don't have to do anything,
knoppix figures it all out and automatically does dhcp.  what do you have
giving out dhcp addresses, anyway?

> I added the lines that you suggested to /etc/interfaces (there were no 
> contents to start with in the file). I then rebooted. There was no 
> output to the command "# /sbin/ifconfig" or "ifconfig". However, a new 
> line prompt did appear.

that's really odd that this file wasn't there.  are you sure you have 
the ifupdown package installed?  try 

$ dpkg -L ifupdown

if it outputs a list of files, then it's probably installed.  if it isn't,
try installing it.  also, just to clarify, you aren't typing those # and $
characters, right?  


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