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Re: debian on laptop w/ limited ram/speed/HD

> > -if necessary, alternatives to / modifications of OpenOffice that
> > don't require quite so much room to work as the standard OO
> > installation needs?
> > 
> > Would it perhaps be useful to compile stuff from scratch, rather
> > than use generic debian packages?  
Compile OO? Didn't follow the thread but the last time I checked OO
needed 2,5 gig disk tmp space to compile and took about 12 hrs on a
900mhz duron with 300 something RAM.Forget about that.Plus depending on
the compiler and flags you might end up with a bigger binary than the
regular one.Unfortunately I don't know about alternatives either.Koffice
and abiword fail miserably here with .doc's that open fine with OO.


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