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Re: Power off

-- Steve Wollkind <steve@njord.org> wrote
(on Sunday, 02 March 2003, 09:51 AM -0600):
> I have a similar problem with my computer here, with the added bonus
> that when it is sitting there saying "power down" the power switch
> becomes inactive, and to actually turn off the machine I need to hit
> reset, and then the power button right after that.  I've tried with
> BIOS apm on and off, and with and without apmd.  Anyone have a similar
> problem and know how to fix it?  I don't really care if it powers
> itself off, though that would be nice, but the frozen power button
> annoys me.

Many machines with ATX power supplies have a setting in BIOS that
requires you to hold the power button in for ~4 seconds to power off.
(Feature: your child can't turn of the computer just by pressing the

Check and see if this may be the case.

Also, if you want the machine to power down by itself on a 'shutdown
-h', try installing apmd ('apt-get install apmd').

Matthew Weier O'Phinney

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