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Re: New To Debian - Couple of Questions


On 1 Mar 2003, Joe Giles wrote:

> List,
> I am new to Debian and have a couple of generic questions. I have used
> Red Hat for years and I'm fairly comfortable with Linux. Here are some
> questions I have:
> 1> Is there a facility like Red Hat(up2date) where I can update packages
> on my system? Will apt-get work?
When you are running stable, 'apt-get install <packagename>' works fine
for installing new packages. However, if you are running testing or
unstable or willing to upgrade, use:
apt-get update
apt-get dist-upgrade

which will retreive new package information first and then update the
already installed packages flawlessly.

> 2> Is the Kernal hacked and patched like the RedHat kernel?
Don't know this one, but I have been using kernels from kernel.org for
years without any problems.

> 3> Would you rather just download the ISO's or would you rather use the
> jigdo app?
No need to download ISO's. Not preferred either due to needless traffic on
the internet and using CD's. I always use apt-get as in 1) to update. This
way only new packages that you have installed will be retreived, leaving
the other thousands you don't have installed on their place.

I have never used jigdo (don't know what it is either, to be onest). When
looking for a program, type (for example):
apt-cache search irc
apt-cache show xchat  (xchat is one of the packages returned)
apt-get install xchat


> I appreciate the assistance and I'm sure I will enjoy Debian.
> Thanks again
> Joe
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