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Re: [OT] Learning PERL

How bout " Elements of Programming with Perl" by Manning. "Andrew L. Johnson"

I am half way through it and I also have that Progamming Perl Camel book that was way too hard to start on, but this other book is very easy to understand. I haven't yet looked at the Learning Perl book.


Thorsten Haude wrote:


* Kevin.Bewley@camr.org.uk <Kevin.Bewley@camr.org.uk> [2003-01-31 15:17]:
 I know this is slightly off-topic but it's definitely related to
virtually all Un*xen I've ever come across. I have a colleague who has
never used a *real* OS but now as part of his job he has to. A few times
I've come across him doing things like find/replace over and over in nedit
to change every occurrence of fred for wilma for example.

NEdit is perfectly able to do things like this using regexes, in the
whole file or in multiple files. See help node 3.

If it gets a bit more complicated, he could use NEdit's macro
language, see help node 22.

Learning Perl is a good idea though. I'm afraid I didn't learn it from
a book, so all I can say is that the combination of the Camel book and
Ram book is great for daily work.


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