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Re: ICQ behind router/firewall [SOLVED]

On Sun, Feb 16, 2003 at 02:34:12PM -0500, Scruloose wrote:
> Hey all,
> Using Trillian under windo~1 ... flawless ICQ
> connectivity... not using any port-forwarding or any such.  Under debian, I
> can't seem to get a client to work.  
> GnomeICU will send and receive messages, initiate/accept chat mode, and
> other people can see my status, but everybody always looks offline to me
> (except 2 users, whose statuses update fine.  No clue why they're special).
> GAIM just loses a huge percentage (50%?, 75%?) of my outgoing messages.  
> And Alicq seems to have imploded on install. 

Well, I went to apt-get.org and found a place to get Licq as a .deb, and it
works like a charm, straight outta the box.  I still wouldn't mind knowing
what caused the other clients' issues, but it's not a priority at this
Dunno if this solution has any relevance to anyone, but I thought I'd post
it just in case anybody lurking (or reading the archives) was wondering.


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