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Re: howto select webmail ???

> Also sprach Michael D. Schleif (Wed 26 Feb 02003 at 08:07:48PM -0600):
>> I am looking for a webmail client.
>> [1] mutt is my primary mta, and this is not going to change.
>> [2] often, I am away from my office, in a windoze environment, and
>> exploder is more available than putty ;>
>> [3] I primarily use maildir
>> [4] however, so far, I am forced to use mbox for compressed archives
>> ;<
>> [5] so, whatever webmail I use must peacefully coexist with mutt!
>> [6] I am researching IMAP servers, and am open to suggestions
>> [7] these criteria are immutable; but, I will consider limits to other
>> functionality
>> What do you think?

I use SquirrelMail with courier-imap, as well as mutt alongside it. It
works great and have had no problems...

mbox might be a different story...

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