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Re: default permissions on /root

Jeremy Gaddis wrote:
> Jeremy Gaddis said:
> > Can anyone explain to me why /root has
> > default permissions of 700 on a clean
> > install?
> Sorry, made a boo-boo when I wrote that.
> I meant to ask why were the default
> permissions *NOT* set to 700 on a clean
> install?

There is no sensitive files installed in /root.  There really is no
reason not to make it 755.  Everyone knows what is in /root.  It is
not a secret.

However, if you place sensitive files there then you might choose to
make that directory more restrictive.  I advise putting sensitive
files elsewhere, however.  But it is your system and your choice.  You
can modify the system as you see fit.

Remember that root is not a real user.  You should not be using root
to do nonadministrative work on the machine.  Use a real user account
for that.


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