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Re: secondary root account

Errol Neal wrote:

> I would like to know how to setup a secondary account on a Linux system 
> that would have the same abilities and privledges as the "root" user, say 
> an account such as "root2". I do not want to use sudo, because the people I 
> work for do not want to use "sudo" before every command. Does anybody have 
> any suggestions?

"sudo bash" (or "sudo zsh" or whatever shell one prefers) will get you
into a root shell if sudo is configured to allow you to do that. Then
you won't be typing "sudo" in front of every command, but just when you
want a root shell. You can stay in that root shell for as long as you
like. You get back to your non-root shell with the "exit" command.

You haven't explained why simply giving these people the root password
is unacceptable. You work for them, so it's their machine, right? If
they want root access to their own machine, let them have it, or give
them a reason why you refuse to give it to them. (To me, "I'm
responsible for this machine, so I'm not going to have other people
mucking around on it as root" would be a good reason.)


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