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Re: secondary root account

On Fri, 2003-02-28 at 11:15, Errol Neal wrote:
> I would like to know how to setup a secondary account on a Linux system 
> that would have the same abilities and privledges as the "root" user, say 
> an account such as "root2". I do not want to use sudo, because the people I 
> work for do not want to use "sudo" before every command. Does anybody have 
> any suggestions?

This is not a very good solution, but it's worked well enough for me.
Just add the user in question to the "root" group. Note however that I
feel obligated to tell you that what you're wanting to do is a Very Bad
Idea (tm). :) I've done it in the past as well, but sudo is a much
better alternative. If they don't want to use sudo before every command
just have them use "su" once then. :)

Alex Malinovich
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