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Re: secondary root account

Errol Neal wrote:

I would like to know how to setup a secondary account on a Linux system that would have the same abilities and privledges as the "root" user, say an account such as "root2". I do not want to use sudo, because the people I work for do not want to use "sudo" before every command. Does anybody have any suggestions?

Well, using root for normal daily stuff is not a good idea blah blah
blah. You probably know that. So what you could do is add a normal user
to the group 'root'. You'll get access to all files which are owned by
the group root. If you want more, this user can use the tool fakeroot to
look good to programs. But there is only one root user possible as far
as I know.


Johan Ehnberg
"Windows? No... I don't think so."

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