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Re: Chinese input [95% SOLVED]

> arneg@arneg:~$ apt-cache depends xcin
> xcin
>   Depends: libc6
>   Depends: libdb3
>   Depends: libtabe2
>   Depends: xlibs
>   Depends: locales
>   Suggests: libtabe-db
>   Suggests: xfonts-base
>   Suggests: xfonts-intl-chinese
>   Suggests: xbase-clients
>   Suggests: x-ttcidfont-conf
>  |Suggests: ttf-arphic-bsmi00lp
>   Suggests: ttf-arphic-bkai00mp
>  |Suggests: ttf-arphic-gbsn00lp
>   Suggests: ttf-arphic-gkai00mp
>   Suggests: xfonts-cmex-big5p
>   Recommends: rxvt-ml
> install all of them if you want to have a proper working chinese system.
> rxvt-ml should solve your problem.

Dear Arne,

Great! I definitely owe you one. Xcin works well for me now on BIG5, which is what I use 95% of the time. The last 5% of my problem is GB. When I type "xcinterm-gb" it does indeed open up a Chinese xterm, but the input line (the box that says "yinshu banxing" in BIG5) is nowhere to be seen. If you can enlighten me as to what I'm doing wrong, I'd be eternally grateful.

By the way, once I do get this working 100%, I will be happy to write up a HOW-TO and post it somewhere (maybe on the Debian site?) so that others will be informed about how to set up Xcin.

TIA (hopefully for the last time),

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