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Re: Netinstall - nothing works?

On Wednesday 26 February 2003 08:04 pm, Donald Spoon wrote:
> Klaus Imgrund wrote:
> > Ok - found the problem but have no idea what goes wrong.
> > There are only 11 mb on the cd after burning it - iso is 38 mb.
> > I did burn it with k3b and after that tried with cdrecord.
> > Both show that they burn 38 mb but they don't.
> > If I burn the boot.iso instead of the bootbf2.4.iso everything is fine
> > except that I couldn't install on reiser with it.
> > Anybody has an idea what is wrong here?
> >
> > Klaus
> Sounds like something is going wrong in the burning process.  Dunno
> what, and it is extremely puzzling since you can burn other "working"
> isos without problems.
> I just d/l both isos and mounted them via the "loop" function and they
> both seem OK from visual inspection.

I did mount them,too.Something is already screwed up then.
Real strange - I just installed mandrake and try it with the tools there.
If that doesn't work I'll install it with the regular boot CD.

Thanks a lot for your help.


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