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Re: X Windows has strange color scheme

On Thu, Feb 20, 2003 at 11:25:32PM +0100, Robert Ewald wrote:

> It might be just a wild guess, but could it be that you hit CTRL-ALT-+ at some 
> point and switched the color depth to 8? Then strange colors like this, which 
> turn normal on clicking in the window would be explainable.
> just hit CTRL-ALT-+ 3 times to get into 16 bit color depth again.

<ctrl>-<alt>-[+|-] cycles resolution, *not* color depth.  AFAIK, there
is no way to change color depth in X without a restart.

echo ">gra.fcw@2ztr< eryyvZ .T pveR" | rot13 | reverse

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