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Re: Initrd, SCSI and USB

Ludwig Meyerhoff wrote:

I have a SCSI client running a AHA-2940. I wanted to run a USB flashcard-reader with it and that does not work.
Same configuration on a IDE client works.

After some playing around I compiled a new kernel with integrated USB support and modulized SCSI support - it works! Seems like the USB modules can't attach to the SCSI part because the adapter already has.

Now, it is not very nice to compile the kernel every time I update - what am I running Debian for? ;-)

How can I initrd tell to load the usb-modules before the AIX7xxx one?
I would like to change its configuration instead of making an own imige each time.

The order of loading of /etc/modules at boot is determined by what you
have in /etc/modules.conf. This file is generated from what you have in

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