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Re: module configuration

Haim Ashkenazi wrote:

I've just installed the alsa drivers for my emu10k1 SBLive card and I
have 2 problems:

        1. when I reboot, the system first loads the "emu10k1" kernel
           module before everything else so the alsa modules doesn't
           load. as a workaround I've renamed this module and everything
           works, but I wonder if there is a more elegant solution. I
           have no mention of emu10k1 in '/etc/modules.conf' and
           '/etc/modutils/*' (well. except for the alsa module).

You should put the modules to be loaded at boot into /etc/modules.

        2. In '/etc/modutils/alsa I've put this line "post-install
           snd-emu10k1-synth /usr/bin/sfxload
           /usr/local/etc/8MBGMSFX.SF2". the module loads but it doesn't
           run the post-install command. I have to run it manually. am I
           doing something wrong?


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