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Re: firewall -- best practices

On Thu, Feb 20, 2003 at 01:54:01PM +0100, Willem-Jan Meijer wrote:

[ please don't top post; it's ugly.  Your quoting looks a little
broken too but one rant per reply is enough ]

>> On Thu, Feb 20, 2003 at 11:48:10AM +0100, Willem-Jan Meijer wrote:
>>> I read this conversation, and now I have a question. If I download
>>> the iso(s) and I want to use Gibraltar on my Debian server, does it
>>> overwrite my existing installation? I want to try Gibraltar, but I
>>> don't want to lose my installation
>> Uhh, says right on thier web page that it runs entirely from the CD
>> without needing installation...
> I Mean, That if I use gibraltar from CD, does the server runs apache, samba
> and so on too? Or only Gibraltar?

gibraltar is a firewall only.  AFAIK you can use it to port-forward to
internal machine(s) running apache, etc.  Thus gibraltar is pretty
cool if you can find some old POS to run it on (the POS has to have a
CD drive though :)  Since it runs off a CD and stores config info on a
floppy (or any writable media) you don't even need a hard drive in the

Disclaimer: it's been a while since I played with gibraltar; it looked
cool but I rolled my own firewall.

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