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RE: firewall -- best practices

I Mean, That if I use gibraltar from CD, does the server runs apache, samba
and so on too? Or only Gibraltar?


Willem-Jan Meijer

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Van: Paul Johnson [mailto:baloo@ursine.dyndns.org] 
Verzonden: donderdag 20 februari 2003 12:33
Aan: Debian
Onderwerp: Re: firewall -- best practices

On Thu, Feb 20, 2003 at 11:48:10AM +0100, Willem-Jan Meijer wrote:
> I read this conversation, and now I have a question. If I download the
> iso(s) and I want to use Gibraltar on my Debian server, does it overwrite
> existing installation? I want to try Gibraltar, but I don't want to lose
> installation

Uhh, says right on thier web page that it runs entirely from the CD
without needing installation...

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