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RE: Rethinking mail

>>> David Turetsky <davidturetsky@earthlink.net> writing about mutt and
>>> exim on 2003-02-16

   Now that I'm up in a graphical environment, do these two still make
   the same sense? Is mutt available for my notebook, running under
   Windows XP?

>>> Thorsten Haude [mailto:debian@thorstenhau.de] wrote on Sunday,
>>> February 16, 2003 5:51 PM

   I think that Mutt makes a lot of sense in a graphical environment.
   Mut is not a cheap replacement until you get a real MUA running under
   an GUI, but simply a very, very good program.

   Mutt runs on Windows with the help of Cygwin, but I don't know about
   the MTA (Exim or another one).

>>> David Turetsky responded

   I have Cygwin installed on a Windows 98 partition and enjoyed using
   it in that environment but I was repeatedly unsuccessful in getting
   it to install under Windows XP which is now my typical environment.
   In fact that experience encouraged my to upgrade to Woody as soon as
   I learned it was stable`

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