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Re: shuttle disaster

On Fri, Feb 07, 2003 at 11:08:17PM -0800, Brian Nelson wrote:
> Haha, wow.  I would love to see one of those on Cape Cod, where a
> single, normal "rotary" can back up traffic all the way to Boston
> (because most Americans can't figure out how to drive in a circle,
> apparently).

I always hated getting stuck behind out-of-staters driving around
Beaverton or Portland's eastside.  Roundabouts are common in both
spots, and East Portland has massive ones.  I swear, the KEEP MOVING
signs on the ones in Northeast and in Beaverton are more effective at
getting traffic to stop than a railroad crossing with the gates down
during tourist season.

What *really* pisses me off is when I'm approaching a roundabout to go
around it in the correct (anti-clockwise) direction, some asshole
coming the other way or from the right thinks that they can cut off
the roundabount clockwise to turn left at the junction instead of
going around like anybody with a brain would do.  I've now had five
very near misses thanks to these idiots, three had Californian plates,
one had British plates (and for that I'm giving leeway since British
roundabouts move clockwise) and one idiot was on the phone.

The ones in Beaverton are more for looks than practical use, though I
say this about any roundabout with more than one lane or with very
little traffic that has a stop sign on it.  Many of the Beaverton ones
used to be four-way intersections that they dropped a roundabout
into.  I hate those, since you still have to stop when approaching
from the non-major directions, so it defeats the point of the damn roundabout...

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