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Re: mouse scrolling wheel borked after upgrade

Nori Heikkinen wrote:

i'm running a testing/unstable system.  after an upgrade of 94
packages last night (i know; i should do it more frequently -- that's
why i did it now, to start), the only thing i can find that has broken
is the scrolling wheel on the mouse.  not bad for that big an upgrade!
but i want it back ... scanning the list of packages (following), i
can't find any that would have affected this.

anyone run into this?


Check /etc/X11/XF86Config-4:

Section "InputDevice"
       Identifier      "Configured Mouse"
       Driver          "mouse"
       Option          "CorePointer"
Option "Device" "/dev/gpmdata" (if running gpm with repeat=raw, otherwise /dev/psaux, probably)
       Option          "Protocol"              "ImPS/2"
       Option          "ZAxisMapping"          "4 5"

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