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Printer Problems

I have three standalone systems all with cupsys, cupsomatic, cupsys-bsd, cupsys-driver-gimpprint, gimp1.2, gimp1.2-print and kdelibs3-cups:

Debian Woody, 2.4.18 kernel with HP Deskjet 940c, Foomatic+hpijs (my daughter)

Debian Woody, 2.4.18 kernel with Brother HL-730, Foomatic+hl7x0 (my grandsons)

Debian Testing, 2.4.20 kernel with Epson Stylus Color 860, CUPS+GIMP-print v4.2.2-pre2 (mine)

The problem: Printing a simple ASCII file (printtest) from a terminal. The results of lp printtest are as follows:

Brother HL-730: OK. Prints the file with no problems.

HP Deskjet 940c: Ejects a blank page.

Epson Stylus Color 860: Nothing. There is an error in /var/log/cups/error_log (See previous posting, Gimp Print Problem (for details.)

All of these printers print the test pattern from a terminal:

           lp /usr/share/cups/data/testprint.ps

All of these printers print perfectly from kde.

History: I am weening my daughter and grandsons from Windows 98 with its perpetual problems. I chose kde to give them something similar to Windows and this is when my troubles began. I found I had to install cupsomatic and kdelibs3-cups get their printers to work. This is fine since they never switch from X windows to a terminal but I do. After dpkg --purge lprng, lpr, and magicfilter and installing cupsys-bsd I am able to use the Brother HL-730 but not the other two printers.

I would appreciate any assistance with this problem

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