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Re: Highlighted in X, is there a buffer ?


* Dave Selby <dave_arahan@yahoo.co.uk> [030205 16:20]:
> When using X, you can highlight text and copy it to another area via the 
> middle mouse button.
> Is there a buffer file that holds the highlighted text ? This would be very 
> usefull for passing URLs etc to the ctrl-alt-f1 command line. Sometimes Xterm 
> is not ideal because it ceases when the user is changed. The same goes for 
> the GUI !
> Yep I am thinking of downloading long files via wget !

In that case you can still use X, you just need to nohup your wget.

nohup wget http://whatever >& wget.log &

man nohup

for details.

Actually there is probably something built into bash so that nohup is
not required... but I don't know about interactive bash.


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