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Re: Disk Corruption SOLVED

On Tue, 2003-02-04 at 21:00, Anita Lewis wrote:
> I still think you could just put boot=/dev/hda in
> lilo.conf and run it happily.  If windows will boot with other=/dev/hda1
> using the floppy, then I see no reason why you could not install it LILO
> into the mbr of that first drive.  Have you tried that yet?  

Actually, that is exactly what I did.  I tried using boot=/dev/hda1 once
or twice, but most of the time I was trying to set boot=/dev/hdb1.

To make it unambiguously clear, boot=/dev/hda in my lilo.conf, and it
run's happily.

To Mr, Blackley,  I will sit and stew on this for a while.  I'll
probably re-read the lilo manual's account of boot loading a couple
times.  Tomorrow.


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