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Subtle text problem in pine

Hi all.

We're having a strange text-displaying issue on one of our machines when
pine is run under gnome-terminal.  When switching screens (for example
from a message index to displaying a message) or when scrolling within
certain messages, sometimes whitespace will not erase characters.
Sometimes non-whitespace characters will also fail to erase other
characters as they scroll over, so it looks like it would if you typed
the two characters in the same spot with a typewriter.  I have a
screenshot of some text displaying this trouble at:


(see the upper right corner of the image.)

So far I've only gotten this complaint from one user on one machine, and
the messages we've found which demonstrate the problem contain
German text (don't know what character set they would have been written
with).  Only some areas within such a message will fail to erase
characters as whitespace goes by.  This makes me think there may be a
character somewhere in some German character set which confuses
gnome-terminal or pine (pico?) or some other component.

ctl-l to redraw the screen does not make the hanging text go away.

The problem goes away when pine is run under an xterm.  It goes away if
I run gnome-terminal on my own machine (also Woody, but with a GNOME-2
version of the terminal), ssh in, and run pine remotely.

pine is version 4.44-4, gnome-terminal

Any idea what might be going on or how to fix it?  Does this posting
even make sense?

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