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Re: best way to disable journaling on ext3?

On Sunday 02 February 2003 22:45, Britton wrote:
> I recently got a new 80G ATA disk, and cloned my debian install onto an
> ext3 journaled file system on it.  Now some programs that move lots of
> data seg fault sometimes, causing subsequent ls to hang or my machine to
> lock up completely.  I think the kernel may be needing to do  special work
> to compensate for my bios not knowing about really big drives, because
> older kernels didn't see the whole of even my 40G drive, and my bios
> giives me an update ESCD successful (or something like that) on every
> bootup.

I'd suggest you run memtest86 for some passes. The symptoms you describe might 
very well be caused by dud memory. If that doesn't show anything and you have 
enough space to move the install away from the disk, run a bad block scan. 
Both of this will take several hours though, so if anyone got a better 

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